The role of a Lambda sensor is to measure an oxygen level.
This value is then used to define the best air/fuel compromise in order to optimize engine efficiency. This ratio of air/fuel values is also called Lambda and gave the name to the product.

In the case of a vehicle, this measurement is carried out on the exhaust gases and transmitted to the vehicle's central electronic unit (ECU). This data is then used by the ECU to adjust the air/fuel mixture of the engine.
This adjustment allows an optimization of the fuel consumption and a reduction of the polluting emissions.

Lambda sensors can have two operating modes (voltage generating or voltage supplied). It is therefore important to check the reference before ordering.

Standard Thermostat

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Map Thermostat

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Motorized Thermostat

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Brake Light Switch

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Expansion Tank

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Water Flange

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Radiator Cap & Expansion Tank Cap

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Water Temperature Switch

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Map Sensor

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Throttle Position Sensor

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Cooling Pipe

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Lambda Sensor

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Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensor

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Air Temperature Sensor

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Oil Switch

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Reversing Light Switch

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