A motorized thermostat is a high-tech component utilized in heavy-duty engines to precisely control the engine's temperature. Its electronic control system actuates a small electric motor to open and close the valve. This allows for more precise control of the engine's temperature, optimizing performance and efficiency while reducing emissions.

The vehicle's engine control module (ECM) receives data from various sensors to determine the ideal operating temperature for the engine. With a motorized thermostat, the ECM can more accurately adjust the temperature, leading to smoother engine operation and increased fuel efficiency.

Motorized thermostats also offer a "fail-safe" thermostatic mode that automatically keeps the valve open if a malfunction occurs, preventing engine overheating and damage. These advanced features make motorized thermostats increasingly common in modern heavy-duty engines, where precision control and reliable performance are paramount.

Truck Thermostat

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Map Thermostat

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Motorized Thermostat

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